Freight Forwarders

Typical Policies Requested

HGV / Fleet Insurance: Goods/ Freight Liability: Commercial Property: Legal Liabilities: Marine Cargo Insurance

As a freight forwarder, you undertake and organise the safe, efficient movement of goods on behalf of an exporter, importer or another company or person, using the best appropriate means of transport, for example shipping lines, airlines, hauliers and rail freight operators.

Invariably this is done within the ambit of your trading conditions, most commonly BIFA Conditions. Your liability policy is designed to provide you with cover, subject to certain terms and conditions, up to the limits of liability outlined within your trading conditions, or by international convention or as otherwise agreed, where appropriate.

The main conventions affecting international trade to and from the UK are:

  • Hague-Visby Rules - (Sea Transport)

  • CMR Conventions - (Road Transport)

  • Warsaw Convention - (Air Transport)

The implementation of the limits of liability applicable under your trading conditions could mean that a claim made by a customer for loss or damage to their goods is not met in full, and they could suffer a financial loss unless they have in place their own marine cargo insurance.

It is therefore essential that your customers are informed and are aware of your trading conditions, before the movement of their goods, to avoid damaging disputes and exposure to liabilities in excess of the cover provided within your policy.

This also provides you with an opportunity of offering marine cargo insurance to your customers, and in conjunction with our underwriting partners we can set up an online facility giving you the ability to easily arrange immediate cover at previously agreed rates, and issue insurance certificates.

Errors and Omissions

Freight forwarders are exposed to a minefield of various shipping terms and conditions and customs requirements, and with the huge quantity of paperwork to handle, mistakes can happen with potentially unfortunate financial consequences. For your peace of mind you can extend your policy to protect you from any claims which may be made against you arising from any breach of duty, negligent act, error or omission such as incorrect instructions, faulty arrangements or clerical errors or omissions.

As well as having access to most leading UK transit insurers, we have our own policy wording, providing wide cover at very competitive rates.

Freight Forwarders Electronic Platform

Bridging the gap between Forwarding and Operations & Cargo Insurance

We have access to a fully interactive web based system specifically designed for Freight Forwarders operating from one site to multi sites internationally.

The system has been specifically designed for the administration of freight forwarding type covers and includes online policy & certificate documentation, a rating engine as well as full accounting functions and claims functions

Use of this technological advantage will help you secure and maintain business revenue as well as relationships.

Key Features

  • Immediate cargo insurance to approved users for agreed risks
  • Certificates of Marine Cargo Insurance to your desktop 24/7
  • Automatic Invoicing and statement issuing via email
  • Online policy documentation
  • Lloyds A Rated security
  • Reliable, proven trading platform