Importers / Exporters

Typical Policies Requested

  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Commercial Property Risks
  • Legal Liabilities

Five Good Reasons not to rely on the Supplier:

  1. Do they arrange the correct cover?
  2. Is it insured adequately?
  3. Where is the insurer based?
  4. Will you be adequately insured for YOUR loss of profit?
  5. Do you know what the cost is to YOU?

Five Good Reasons not to rely on the Carrier:

  1. A Carrier relies on its Liability Insurance, and is subject to its Conditions of Carriage which could limit liability, or provide a defence to a claim.
  2. If a number of different carriers are involved it can be difficult to identify the responsible carrier.
  3. Claims may become time barred if time limits are not protected.
  4. A Carrier's policy may not pay out if they are in breach of their policy conditions.
  5. Claims would be settled on an invoice value basis and not take into account your loss of profit.

One Good Reason to arrange your own cover

  1. Peace of mind when you avoid all of the above!

Relying on a Supplier, Carrier or any other party to provide adequate cover on your behalf, could seriously damage the health of your business.